Wednesday, July 19

What Classifies as a World War?

Taking a break from the television obession and hunk gazing, I am growing concern about the events between Lebanon and Isreal. If you notice I do talk about political things and other things other than the usual but many of the posts I didn't put any pictures so in this one I put some. And with people's concern about North Korea's fire power (which Kim Jon Il has been flagging around since the beginning of the Iraqi War), now people are saying 'World War III.' Now, I may not be a history buff but wasn't the last World Wars, united fronts, one league aganist the other? Not isolated wars all at the same time?

And if I understand right there has been plenty of wars going around in the world for the past decades? Like in Bosina, Romania, Isreal? So if a bunch of wars happen around the world and not involve in the United States, is it not a World War? So here comes the main question: What Classifies as a World War? I don't doubt that this can form into one but what do you need to just label it? Does it just mean a bunch of wars involving two or more countries happening at the same time or does it mean a group aganist one like in World War II? Now that I was born after both World Wars, I don't know who labeled these wars 'World Wars.' Was it during the war or after? Did journalists do it or did world leaders? Truly the 'Pollo o el Huevo'.

What is most unsettling is that we have Iraq War veterans that are younger than the legal drinking age and have lost limbs or their lives and they chose to do so for their country. It is both honorable and mind-boggling. Mind-boggling because some can fatom doing so.