Wednesday, July 26

My Music Rant

I like pop and recently heard the new Justin Timberlake song "Sexy Back" and his voice is synthized so much that it doesn't even sound like him and has some techno feel to it. I could imagine people jamming to this in the club but... for two minutes. It is so repetative and nothing new to it that it just bugs the hell out of you. Also, Timbaland's voice is annoying too, why we got to hear his and not hear Timberlake's silky one?

Jessica Simpson's new song sounds way too happy and a mixmatch song calling back her little sister's mismatch "Pieces of me." It sounds more like a song Paris Hilton may do. The new Paris song is soooo manfucatured, it sounds like a fake voice, I bet you she can't even hold a note.