Saturday, July 15

Unknown Hotties of the Week 7/15

Here are the Unknown Hotties two days early because I'll be busy on Monday.

Justin Spring
University of Illinois senior gymnast. I saw him on ESPN which their announcers are not obliged to say how beautiful the bodies of the athletes are. He's 22.
He sure is popular with the guys.
It is said he is the only male that is capable of doing a triple something something flip.

Kellan Lutz
He was in the girl gymnast movie Stick It and the reality show Model Citizens and will be in the previously mentioned movie Accepted.

DJ Cotrona
He is 25 and was named after his father--Donald Joesph Cotrona. An actor, he was in the sadly short-lived FOX Series Skin and now is in the summer NBC series Windfall.
He can look nice... andwith bedhead.