Tuesday, July 4

Tiziano Ferro better fire his publicist

Hace como un mez or algo que Tiziano dijo esa cosa de Mejicianas and now he's all like 'I'm sorry sorry.' Tiziano Ferro is an Italian singer who sings in Spanish and seemingly has or had a big fanbase in Mexico. But since he said those comments about their women, there has a big backlash and he appears on all the big shows asking for forgiveness. If his publicist knew how to handle it like Eminem's (about the gaybashing comments), then he would be fine. Now, I know that Eminem's fanbase isn't all gay, so maybe thats why he is still floating. (I still like him.) He still had to sing with Elton John anyway. Maybe Tiziano has to sing with a homely Mexican singer. Just kidding.