Sunday, July 2

River Phoenix

I don't know if to call this tribute or not, I am just writing. In 1993, when River Phoenix (born 1970) died of a drug (speedball) induced heart failure, my father gave me an article about his death. I used the article as a report at school. The teacher, I think was touched about my use of such a serious topic. I was 11 and felt he didn't do a wrong thing. Just a reality when abusing drugs, not that it was a 'lifestyle' to whirlwind but I did feel his life has cut short. I have seen a few of his movies and he was a talented actor. He was regarded a sex symbol which much like Brad Pitt he hated but more than Brad, he would go out of his way to not look like one.

He has been compared to James Dean, River started acting in 1985 and never completed the movie Dark Blood and his mother was sued because of loss of expenses which I find unjust. Since his death, many songs have been written either about him or in his honor and many books and movies have been dedicated to him. When I became 23, I didn't realize that was the age he was, he is actually an August baby just like me but I have already lived longer than him since I will be 24 in August. When I saw My Own Private Idaho, I can't help but cry. He was such a marvelous actor and beautiful man. Of course, I know if I knew him, my opinion might be different because we never know.

Smile down from heaven please.