Monday, July 24

My Test Pilot!!!

Here is the World Premiere and I ain't kidding.

This is my real life family in a sitcom I filmed and edited, in vain of "Arrested Development" and "Sons and Daughters". IT IS NOT A REALITY SHOW. This is to try out a Spanglish (Spanish and English) family sitcom. This is my first try. I imagine if it ever gets to be a real show we want improv actors.

It is called "Mami Please," the basic plot is that my niece and I fight over what we will eat for lunch. The family tree is the following: My mother raised my older deaf sister on her own until she married my father who is 10 years younger than her. My sister had two teenage kids: Melinda, my neice who is helping out my dad who is an accountant at home. Walt, comes in later in this five minute pilot. If ya'll are wondering about my age, I will be 24 in two weeks and been out of college for two years.

Click on iFilm here with more bandwidth, this is the second and final version made on 7/26. Please give me response. I am okay with critiques but I do like detailed comments.