Monday, June 19

Rescue Me: Probie is finally gay

For the past three years the gang over at Rescue Me have been wondering about the 'new guy' probie Mike Silleti's (Mike Lombardi) sexual orientation. The first storyline he was served up was that a guy Andrew (Jimmy Burke) he saved kept following him and got him into a threeway with his girlfriend. Later after the guy broke up with his girlfriend and Mike needed a place to stay, he made a move on Mike. Let's just say Mike didn't respond well. Mike's first romantic entanglement was with an older woman and when her hot daughter came to stay, she used Mike. Let's say Mike hasn't had luck with the ladies.

First the older woman, then a plus-sized woman Thresea (Ashlie Atkinson) and that doesn't go well. Now in the recent episode, Torture, aired June 13th, Mike cuddles up with his constuction worker roomie at the end of the episode. They don't go out and say it but in the epsiode, Mike talks about finally letting himself being who he is. But with so much teasing throughout the show about his sexuality, you feel its all been done. But perhaps, the producers are showing how all the relationships he tried out before were his personal jounrey to finally find out who he really is. The show has been pretty good with gay issues, even though the main characters are complete homophobes, the show has been very neutral. The second episode of the whole series was titled 'Gay.'

Sure Mike is hot but his character has become more and more softer and still a pushover by the whole crew. The fat chick storyline was great because it showed him more like a man, dealing with his woman and showing her that he wasn't self-conscious about her and didn't want to hide her. I just want him happy, that's all. And this guy seems great (who I can't remember his name or find out who plays him). And where Andrew failed was he way too pushy and crazy. Mike needs a stable guy.