Sunday, July 9

Superman Returns Review SPOILERS

Here is my Superman Returns Review.
Beware big Spoilers.

I admit I was one of those guys that wasn't happy about the casting of Brandon Routh, sure he is cute but I wanted an actor a bit older. It doesn't make sense to me that if Batman Begins is about a young Batman and Christian Bale is 32 then why pick Brandon who is 27? Also mind-bloggling is that if the last Batman movie and the new one are eight years ago and totally starting again while Superman IV and Super Returns are nineteen years apart and this movie is set after Superman 2. Anyway, in watching the movie it rests on the shoulders of young Brandon and many heavy things (cars, planes, structures, etc.) as well. It is still apparant of his age and earnestness.

Now as Clark Kent, everyone makes a deal that Brandon does the shitck well. I am foreign to Christopher Reeve's clumsy Kent since I was only five when I last seen one of these movies. He looks fantastic as Brandon and I feel the shitck is very quiet and subtle. In the ambiougity of what time this is set in, many modern touches are seen as fax machines, cell phones, etc. When Clark returns, only Jimmy Olsen (the fantastic Sam Huntington) notices him and it doesn't much to Perry White, their boss. Here is the basic rundown of the plot: Clark returns after five years away finding the remaints of his home planet Krypton and everything has changed. Lois is now engaged to Perry's nephew Richard (James Mardsen, who is still very sexy here) and sporting an asthma-rittled androgynous son Jason (Tristan Lake Leabu). While Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) has slither away from prison thanks to Supes not being at the trial. He has smuggled a rich old lady out of her money and steals the crystals from the Fortress of Solitude to create the biggest real estate deal of the century.

Now the great fortune of having a gay director is great shots of the male physique. Most regular directors shoot from the waist up. Let's just say there is great thigh, taints and butt shots. Also worth mentioning are Luthor's henchmen, one played by notriously gay former Austrialian Rugby player Ian Roberts as the camera-totting Riley. Rounding out the cronies are clown-tatooed Brutus (David Fabrizio who played a guard in X-Men 2) , virtually mute Stanford (Harold & Kumar's Kal Penn), and scheezy Grant (Vincent Stone). I thought Parker Posey would be utterly annoying in the movie but she was tolerable and seems to fit in the past movies. What upsets me is the obviousness of her character development. Creepy is her adoption of a cannablistic dog.

I thought Richard wouldn't be in the movie much but he was used very well through the extent. James has the habit of playing the 'other guy' in such movies as The Notebook, X-Men, etc. The big a-DUH! Moments are when no one notices that Clark and Superman have been gone for five years and arrived around the same time. Also, when Superman is in the hospital, Clark is absent and nobody says anything. There is a moment in the movie where Richard and Lois suspect Clark is him but then laugh when they see he smile back at them. Someone does come to the realization but let's just say they were too much out of breath to say something. Now here is one of the major spoilers: Jason is invunerable to kryptonite and has some latent superstrength that comes and goes. He is only four for christ sakes!All together I enjoyed the movie, it was good and worth a glance. The opening title credits were a little too nostoglic for my taste.

Here is some six degrees of the Buffyverse:
Kate Bosworth who plays Lois Lane [in my opinion not really Lois but just a scorned woman and bad mother ('oh lets go into a stranger's boat, son')] was in Beyond the Sea with Kevin Spacey and dated Gilmore Girl's Matt Czuchry which they starred together in Young Americans with Lost alum Ian Somerhalder who co-starred with Dominic Monaghan who was in LOTR with Sean Astin who directed a season four episode of Angel (Soulless) which of course is the spin-off to Buffy.