Sunday, June 10

Update on Disney World Power Rangers

Since the Power Rangers joined the Lights Motors Action Parade at Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios) back in 2005, each year a ranger gets replaced to accommodate for the newest series. The Pink Time Force Ranger got replaced last year with the Pink Mystic Force Ranger. But since most of the rangers were 'Other Rangers,' like the Lunar Wolf Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger and the White Dino Ranger--I was wondering who they would choose to replace the Lunar Wolf Ranger, since he was the oldest ranger there. And after searching today, sure enough--they did replace the Lunar Wolf Ranger, but not with an 'additional' ranger but with the Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger. Good for them! One more female, awesome. Plus, her Japanese counterpart Natsuki is a fan favorite.

Disney Ranger profile on

What is really curious that I found is this...
The people who are/were in the ranger costumes call themselves 'Disney Force.' They had their own MySpace profiles. But now I can't find them. Maybe Disney asked them to take it off. Very strange. Well, their videos are still on youtube. Picture above from The Callaghan Family
Walt Disney World Photo Album
. Thank you thank you thank you to them for the picture. I guess I will be doing this every year. My guess is that the color that will replace the Green Samurai Ranger will be blue, I wish it would be purple.