Sunday, June 10

Thundercats Ho!

With the Transformers live-action movie, Hollywood producers are going crazy for making movies out of 80's nostalgia--now Thundercats is going to be a live-action movie by Warner Bros with a script by Paul Sopocy. Transformers is not even out yet! While claimed it was a CGI movie, I guess they are changing it. The articles are also talking about Joel Silver is optioning He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I heard that John Woo was going to direct a He-Man movie starring blonde hottie Jason Lewis back in 2004--when the 2002 revival cartoon was hot, but I guess that fell through. I think Chris Carmack would make a good He-Man. As for Lion-O, which was my favorite superhero when I was a kid---I guess any hot guy in makeup will do. My friend Paul loves He-man and Thundercats and points out that the heroes are completely gay, come on--those tank-tops and muscles. I think they were great role models for us gay boys, like a ray of hope. I hope they don't kick out Snarf.