Monday, June 4

Heterosexual Boy Friends on TV

I always watched "Boy Meets the World" when it was on the air but now in repeats, I see once again Corey and Shawn's super close relationship. It is even mentioned in Wikipedia under 'Romantic Friendship.' Shawn and Corey oggled each other, hugged frequently and fought like a married couple---even when Corey was getting married, Shawn acted like a jilted lover and they had a argument. I thought they didn't even mention gay people on the show but seeing a couple of reruns, they actually did mention them. A doctor asked if Corey could perform in bed (surprise they even mentioned sex but this was of course after they got married) and then if he was gay--he answered 'no' and then Corey asked the doctor and he said yes and it wasn't a thing. It was really great that he was okay with it and it wasn't a big thing.

Even in that same wedding episode, after someone mentioned that Shawn loves Cory more than he does Topanga, she turns to her mother and says, "It's true, but I'm okay with it."

The most famous hetero boy couple is J.D. and Turk from "Scrubs," who call their relationship an open 'man love.' Even the actors that protray them admit they get along just the same. I think it was great to show close male friendships, breaking those ridiculous gender rules. They are straight but it okay to hug and squeal, when society says that is not okay for two men to do. They aren't making fun of gay people or their own relationships, they show the positive side, yeah for laughs but the show isn't making fun of them. Also these two relationships have nothing wrong with gay people or have a problem with people thinking that they are gay--they shrug it off and say 'we're not gay.' They don't get super angry about it. As for Joey and Chandler from "Friends," they had a close relationship but not all the way like J.D. and Turk and Shawn and Corey---they were open about their super close 'man love.'

It is just all super cute and so refreshing, I hope more TV programs--not only sitcoms portray such relationships.