Tuesday, June 5

John Cusack's character is un-gayified in Martian Child

John Cusack's upcoming movie Martian Child is based on a novel of the same titled written by David Gerrold. The story is about a single gay man who adopts a child who believes he is from Mars, loosely based on Gerrold's real life. Much like many movies in Hollywood, the character's sexual orientation is not mentioned or ignored. For example, the recent adaption of Troy---Patroclus (Garrett Hedlund) was not the cousin of Achilles (Brad Pitt), he was his lover. So it doesn't surprise me they changed the fact for the movie. It sucks and really a silly thing to want to change, but like one guy I didn't exactly appreciate told me movie goers just don't want to see two dudes kissing each other or even know a character is gay. Good he was wrong when Brokeback Mountain came out.

I don't think it was hcanged because no one wanted to see John Cusack portraying a gay man, I think the issue came with him adopting a child. Funny enough, an indie flick Conrad Boys centered around a gay older brother adopting his younger brother.