Friday, June 1

Eric Johnson is Flash Gordon

When there is no more superheroes left to adapt, we are left with Flash Gordon who has virtually no powers, a handsome 'regular' jock joe. SCIFI Channel's original series premieres August 10th. They mention it in TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly Magazine's Summer television preview articles. SCIFI's Official Website states production started in early 2007 and that 22 episodes will be produced. Not that Flash Gordon isn't cool, I practically burned up my video tape copy of the 80's homoerotic movie from pausing it so much.

Eric Johnson, who played the jackass Whitney in 'Smallville.' He is sort of handsome but mostly vanilla blah. It seems they give any blondie their own superhero series these days. I don't want to be in trouble with theFlash Gordon fans that have their own Wikipedia. Well good luck to him but if it has too much special effects, it will be canceled.