Saturday, June 9

"Scary Movie" First Time on Television?

Sure we have seen Scary Movie 2 and all those other sequels on cable and network television (shown to death) but I never thought I would see the day that "Scary Movie" would be broadcast on Network television. I thought the reason we never saw it on television because it was un-editable but apparently somebody got the balls.. "Scary Movie" was aired tonight June 9, 2007 on NBC but don't know if it is the first time, can someone tell me? For some reason, I think the movie wasn't fitted for television (square form) out of the theatrical. Ironically, one of the characters--Bobby (Jon Abrahams) says, "It was edited for television so all the good parts were cut out." Obviously, the following was cut: the small penis shot, the movie theater bathroom 'head' job, the famous coach crotch scene, Shannon Elizabeth's head chopped off and the cum explosion.