Wednesday, October 25

Power Rangers at the Disney Resorts

For you that don't know, Disney acquired the Power Rangers in 2002 due to a package deal in buying Fox Family from Saban Entertainment. Disney now films the Power Rangers in New Zealand along with Village Roadshow. Then in 2005, Disney added the Power Rangers to the car parade in DisneyWorld's MGM Studios (which soon will be renamed as Disney's Hollywood Studios due to copyright with MGM). Instead of having one Ranger team of one series, they selected one ranger from each series. Which I admit is clever is that three of the rangers are not normal colored rangers but 'sixth' or 'special' rangers. Red SPD Ranger from the 2005 series Power Rangers S.P.D., White Ranger from Dino Thunder, Green Samurai Star Ranger from Ninja Storm, Lunar Wolf Ranger from Wild Force, and the Pink Time Force Ranger.

Disney fans don't like the inclusion of the Power Rangers at all. While Power Ranger fans feel they are getting the short stick. There is a rumor that Disney wanted to make a full-fledged attraction where the 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' attraction in the same park. Disney fans got upset. I think that discouraged them.

In 2006, to introduce the new Power Rangers Mystic Force, they replaced the Time Force Ranger with the Pink Mystic Force Ranger. The five players have their own myspace accounts and call themselves the 'Power Rangers Disney Force.' Some fans criticize how they don't do the poses right and don't know Martial Arts. I wonder what will happen to them when Power Rangers Operation Overdrive comes on. Bandai America (toy company) consider it the 15th anniversary because it is the 15th season.

Meanwhile, Disney is having good relations with Toei Productions which produces the original Japanese series Power Rangers is adapted from, Super Sentai. Super Sentai has been around since 1975 and since 1979, series change every year. Disney even produced footage for Toei's 2005 Magiranger in New Zealand which now is Power Rangers Mystic Force. For some strange reason, the episode order was shorten for Mystic Force. Even though people didn't know the Power Rangers were still around since 1993, it still has been number one Boys product. Now, the public se dio cuenta que (realized that) Power Rangers still exists thanks to Disney. Everyone now is like 'Its still around?'

I, being a Super Sentai and Power Rangers fan, feel Disney should embrace the Power Rangers because kids love it so much, there are a lot of testimonies online of Parents saying how much it has effected their kids in a positive way. Toei, which is a big company in Japan, of course love Disney and Disney has gained a lot of property thanks to having them. In 2004, the Red Dino Thunder Ranger costume was the number one costume. I'm sure they always are since then. Click this link to a video on YouTube dedicated to a little boy who has passed on.

Also... lots of Power Ranger fans have been making a big deal about Disney taking over the show and how its not as good but actually a lot of Sentai elements have been used more which I consider a good thing but what I don't like that a lot strange things have been edited from the original like fire has been changed to 'magical fire' really screwing up a sequence with real fire that looked real cool.

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