Wednesday, June 13

Lil' Bush Review

Okay, when I heard this new show "Lil' Bush" from Comedy Central was coming out, I thought it was just going to fade away. Comedy Central has been pushing this show like crazy. For one thing, it doesn't have time correct, it is escapism.. sort of. Lil' George Bush (David Bianculli, not Frank Caliendo) and his little friends are around the same age as Cheney and they are little when Bush senior is president. Now here is the distasteful stuff (and there are plenty)---Cheney cuts chicken's heads off and sucks their blood; talks like The Penguin and mumbles; Jeb is blonde for some reason and a retard; Lil' Bush's mom has sex with Lil' Cheney and he gets stuck in her stomach; Lil' Hilary and Lil' Condi kiss; and Lil' Laura for some reason doesn't talk. And one of my complaints is that Lil' Rumsfeld's voice doesn't sound at all like him and talks too clearly. So yeah, I am not going to be watching this show ever again.