Wednesday, June 6

New Blog: Caramalitos Baronil

[Above: Daniel Henney, shirtless]

I present a spin-off blog for Spanengrish Ramblings called Caramelitos Baronil which translates to 'Masculine Candies.' This came forth because I noticed I made a lot of 'Eye Candy' posts so I decided to make a blog of its own. This will include other 'hottie' galleries, except for 'Unknown Hotties of the Week.' 'Unknown Hotties of the Week' will stay on Spanengrish Ramblings. I named this 'Caramelitos Baronil' because I wanted to call it 'Eye Candy' but there are already blogs called that. I know I can't compete with other hot hunk blogs but it was taking too much room on Spanengrish.

December 2007
'Unknown Hotties of the Week' has moved to Caramelitos Baronil indefinitely. Since October 22nd. The last post on this blog was 10/15/07.