Saturday, June 2

Knocked Up Movie Review

I'm sure everyone wants to see this movie but if you haven't heard of it, go see because you are guaranteed a laugh or a million. Lots of times we go to the movies and we get depressed, but I hate those stupid comedies. This one Knocked Up, much like The 40-Year Old Virgin with the wrong actors or director, in these cases, can be those forgotten Bootycall-like movies. Directed by the gifted Judd Apatow, with pretty much his whole family. More on that later--I always wanted to say that. It stars Seth Rogan ("Freaks & Geeks," and the previously mentioned first time-impaired movie) who plays slacker stoner Ben Stone and Katherine Heigl ("Grey's Anatomy," and Zyzzyx Rd.) plays working-girl E! Floor Manager-turned-On-Air correspondent Alison. He knocks her up and they must put up with each other, in a nutshell.

Katherine Heigl is very beautiful, her straight male and gay girl fans will definitely agree but even with her hair are mussy and her movie-magic motherly glow, her heart is exposed for all to see. There is no woe-is-me female entire scene but just her exasperate sighs speak for themselves. She also could be a 'guy's guy' sort of girl, even though she seems like the glossy priss, even in the priceless scene where she waits for Ben in his house with his roommates and stoned Asian girl Jodi (Charlyne Yi)--who seems to be the next Jonah. Heigl, who gets a pretty fair article in Entertainment Weekly that bares all bones on her dramatic real life and her career, explains her past feelings on her 'Grey' cast members--now I understand her more. More power to her! Don't keep it in. She mentions how when any women speaks her mind, she is treated as a bitch, which is extremely unfair and unjust.

Apatow's wife Leslie Mann plays Alison's fierce sister Debbie, who beyond the bitch exterior captures plenty of emotion and depth. I thought she would come off as a cartoon character but she doesn't. She played the drunk first girl Steve Carell stumbled upon on The 40-Year Old Virgin. When I saw Paul Rudd was in the movie too, I thought Apatow just put any of his friends in his movie but Rudd isn't too irritating in this movie. He doesn't have a big or exciting part either but serves its purpose. At some points, I believe the characters take small moments way too serious and it is all or nothing but Apatow does meet his objective--to make the movie 'real.' I believe in real life, we do react to the little things as if it was the biggest thing. For example, Alison's hormones are running high on the way to the gyno-critrist like Jay Baruchel (the lead in Apatow's canceled but brilliant "Undecided") put it--she kicks Ben out of the car and later when he gets to the office, they have a big fight and they take it seriously.

EVERY frickin' scene in the movie is hilarious, even when it is dramatic and emotional. It does have real heart. Rounding out the cast are mostly comedians from SNL and/or "The Office." Ben's room mates---each has their real actor's names. Other than Jay, there is offensive and slimy Jason ('Freaks & Geeks' Jason Segel), Jonah (Accepted's Jonah Hill) and Martin (Freaks & Geeks' Martin Starr) who is dared to grow his hair long and is the butt of pretty much everyone in the movie's jokes. Now the rest... Joanna Kerns, virtually unrecognizable as Alison and Debbie's mom--she was the mom in "Growing Pains." SNL's Kristen Wiig (The 'Target Lady' and also one of the two A-Holes) plays one of Alison's bosses and Bill Hader (he is one half of the New Jersey Gay couple) plays editor Brent. Alan Tudyk ('Firefly' & Serenity) plays double standard boss Jack. Apatow had mentioned how Rogan wanted to do a Ghostbusters-style movie and ironically the original Ghostbuster Harold Ramis plays his father. Mo Collins (of the MAD TV fame) did one stint as 'Gina' in The 40-Year Old Virgin makes another here as a misdirected female gynecologist. "The Office's" B.J. Novak also cameos as a gynecologist (one that hits on Alison) and Craig Robinson as a bouncer that shreds Debbie a new one--and pulls her heartstrings. Just glad Mindy Kaling isn't in this one--she startled me last time out.

performance in As much as Alison has her much expected worries that Ben doesn't care---Ben worries she will leave him, much like he says 'Girls usually fuck me over'. Now can Seth Rogan carry a movie? Yes. Can Kathrine Heigl carry a movie? Always, but this one--they have real comedic chemistry, if it was just her, it would fall at the way side. You need Seth. There is a great series of scenes when Ben and Paul Rudd's Pete get high on 'shrooms during cirque de soleilLas Vegas. Of course Debbie doesn't take Ben seriously but in one scene when the baby is being born, he tells her off and instead of being upset, she was surprisingly okay with it. And just when you think they wouldn't show the pregnancy--you see the actual crowning. Ironically, the roommates are making a website that details where in movies the breasts are shown--most of the boobies in this fans, she doesn't bare not a one. But one girl does bare just one. Anyway, it's a good movie-- movie come from other movies. Sorry Heiglmeh!