Sunday, June 17

Robot Chicken Star Wars Review

Tonight Cartoon Network/Adult Swim ran a special about Star Wars-theme Robot Chicken, a half-hour long.

I thought it was going to mostly clips but in truth, it had a lot of new ones, sprinkled with old clips (Darth Vader spoiling everything for Luke, George W. Bush dreaming he is a Jedi). Some that are great are Yar-Yar Binks bugging Darth Vader, alien strip club, Death Star general telling the others to pretend Darth Vader strangles them, Boba Fett pretending he is fighting with Han Solo (when he was a trophy at Jaba the Hutt's place.) and then gets romantic, and background story on the guy in the Cantina that Obi-Wan cut his arm off in Episode 4. One part I really really love was with that worm monster that couldn't get the Millennium Falcon--another one comes about and it is hilarious, I love that they have British accents and I believe one of them is Seth Green. Some are hit or miss like Luke Skywalker and the Emperor doing a 'Your mama' battle or a scene with Luke when he blew up the Death Star and wants to call his uncles and realizes the facts. Also, George Lucas did a guest voice as himself.