Tuesday, June 19

Honeys, it is Prince PHILIP--not Charming

Okay, a few months ago, David Beckham posed as Prince Philip from "Sleeping Beauty" for Disneyworld (and Scarlett Johansson was Cinderella).
How he feels about here on YouTube (the crew is from Spain apparently)

I have noticed people call the character Prince Charming... Even Disneyworld fans call him Prince Charming. Okay, let's get something straight---none of the Princes were ever called 'Charming' in the movies. In "Snow White," he was simply referred to as 'the Prince.' Everywhere else he is referred to as 'Prince Charming.' Now, in "Cinderella" all the official stuff calls him Prince Charming but nowhere in the movies is he referred to as Prince Charming.

Other than Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid," Philip is one of the only Disney Princes that has a name! I remember loving Philip, he was so kickass fighting the dragon and was a hot little prince, and was rebellious. I liked his relationship with his dad.

Pictures from here at OneStopCool.com