Friday, June 22

Jeffrey Donovan's Burn Notice Shooting at my neighborhood!!!

Never did I imagine any American English-speaking television show would shoot in my neighborhood. This morning I saw a bunch of trucks parked in this spooky area that was abandoned--pictured below. It used to be a children's nursery but was closed down and then collapsed and now homeless people live there. Anyhoo, they were blocking off a lot of areas and the cars couldn't get through. I went down there and asked what they were filming--as soon as they told me "Burn Notice" it made sense. Because the show is set in Miami.

Here from Google Maps, the area a few months ago. I am glad they picked us (Allapattah--not even other Miami residents know where it is), this is the real Miami--not Miami Beach. So, I went to where they were filming in a local dollar store and an AD (I suppose) told me to be in their way. The dollar store always smells but when I passed by the open window and saw Jeffrey Donnovan delivering a monologue, it smell so much better--like a breath of fresh air. It is scorching hot and it is crowded in the store, so I went my merry way. I heard they have been shooting since Monday and will be finishing up tomorrow. I will definitely be snopping for more info or an autograph.

Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of him, took one as I was passing by, also there is not much to take pictures of. This is the place they were shooting in-- La Auxiladora Dollar Store.