Saturday, June 16

Possible Dogma Sequel?

I really liked the movie "Dogma," many regular movie fans and Kevin Smith fans don't. But as you readers may have noticed, I am not the usual moviegoer or movie enthusiast. It is essentially a superhero movie. There is lots of scenes I love in the movie. I even liked Selma Hayek in it. Even though there was turmoil between Linda Florentino and Kevin behind the scenes, he still managed to get a strong performance from her. Now, when the movie was coming out---Kevin got protests from not only Catholic groups but death threats-- "Over time, the filmmakers received over 300,000 pieces of hate mail. Among these were 'two-and-a-half' death threats. Smith explained this in his movie An Evening with Kevin Smith: One of the letters was threatening to start with, then became more friendly further on." -(Wikipedia)

Now there is the rumored sequel since 2005, that Kevin said in an interview that while he hasn't written or planned anything, he did however give some thought to an apocalyptic story with the Last Scion--which I guess is Bethany's daughter (probably played by Alanis Morissette). He thought more about it since 9/11, I think it speaks strongly about Smith. I think it would be cool but I am concerned about his safety because he says the story most likely will anger Islam, which he says he might have to consider. Also, he says this may be years away. Even though he loved "Clerks 2" and not many liked it and not many like "Dogma." There you go.