Thursday, June 28

Kathy Griffin around Drive-by Shooting

Check out the video: shots fired who wants to kill Kathy Griffin

Paparazzi were videoing Kathy Griffin (who I was googling to see if she got any publicity) as she left the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and shots were heard in the background and everyone ducked. The video is pretty freaky because there you see cute little Kathy and then it gets black and floor and screaming. The shooting happened around 2:20 a.m. at Hollywood Boulevard and Orange Drive, said Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Officer April Harding. Two men got into a verbal altercation over a space in a nearby parking lot, Harding said. One guy got winged and seen in the video, he was very eloquent. This happened in early June, all reports were posted on June 15th. I wanna hear what Kathy thinks about what wrote. blog click here