Wednesday, June 27

Rescue Me: Tommy's Ego takes blows

The June 27th episode
Season 4, Episode 3

Tommy Gavin can be a real asshole sometimes so its funny to see him brought down a couple pegs. The 'probie', Mike, has always reach out to him because he looked up to him. And especially now that his mom is dying. After begging and begging, and through Tommy's avoiding of Nona (Jennifer Esposito), he goes out with Mike for dinner. Nona is the woman who helped tommy out of the fire from last season's finale. Mike was known for being bi-curious but is now celibate, Tommy acts weird around him. When comforting Mike, he notices the restaurant he took him to was full of male couples. Mike called it 'mandates,' where straight men come to talk about something other than sports, thats why not TV sets are in the restaurant.

While Tommy freaks out, a gay man winks at Tommy and the man's boyfriend comes to Tommy angry. It was a pretty funny scene Luckily Nona walks in and Tommy and Mike clench to her. Nona mentions that there are a lot of 'homos' there. Where I don't necessarily approve of them saying 'homos,' it is pretty common in the show. Mike was going to follow Tommy and Nona but Tommy rebuffs him. When Nona takes Tommy home, she tries to make the moves on him and he backs away. She thinks he has a pride problem because she took him out of the fire but in reality, it is about his performance level. He was told by Sheila (the crazy bitch who raped him and caused the fire) that he couldn't perform sexually, so he wants to take it slow. Nona is convinced he is gay and call him 'princess' and 'sweetness.' While it was mean and homophobic, it was a funny scene. Tommy then gets beat up by his daughter's boyfriend.