Sunday, June 17

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Review


I did not expect to see this movie and I have not seen the first movie. Of course I was happy to see Chris Evans, he is all over the movie. I was waiting for his shirtless scene and it reached until like 45 minutes into it (I sound like the guys from "Knocked Up," watch it!). Iaon Gruffudd is sort of boring as Mr. Fantastic, I don't think it was good fit to begin with. When he is enjoying himself--it looks forced. Iaon was hot in "Hornblower" but unfortunately it only translates in waves. And they still don't got the stretching effect to be seamless, it still lacks fluidity through the live-action and CGI. Also, Kerry Washington (Alicia, the blind girlfriend of The Thing) is great in the movie. The Fantasti-Car makes its debut, at first you think: what is the big deal? But it is actually alright.


The Silver Surfer was employed by Galactus to destroy planets--in exchange for sparing his planet. Just when Sue and Reed are finally getting married, the silver dude makes his appearance. Dr. Doom, who is now disfigured, comes to the newcomer to team up or steal his power and is effected by the alien. Coming in contact with him effects Johnny (Chris Evans), as shown in the commercials and effects the others.

It was a good movie, it did not suck.