Monday, June 18

Good Keanu won't be in "The Watchmen"

If you didn't know, Warner Bros is going along with Alan Moore's classic "The Watchmen." And casting has started and reports that Keanu Reeves passed on the role of Dr. Manhattan because Warner wasn't backed away from his pricing. While says who won't be in a movie, i think it will take a while until we know who exactly will be in the movie. I remember when they were casting the first X-Men movie and there were a lot of rumors and the cast that was going to be, we sort of didn't believe was going to be them but it ended up being them. My friends (you know who you are) were talking about Keanu Reeves the other day, that his only greatest role is Bill & Ted's while all the other roles, seem to be religious-inspired, suck. I just don't think they cast him right. Or that he can even act. Anyhoo, enough Reeves bashing, I think they will probably do a 'Silver Surfer' to Dr. Manhattan and hire a no-no and just CGI him. Shooting for "The Watchmen" will commence this Fall.

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