Wednesday, June 13

Rescue Me Season Four Premiere Review

In the Season Four Premiere of FX's "Rescue Me"...

Our favorite sport-loving, homophobic (yet the show isn't) and prank-pulling brotherhood of fire fighters have gone sentimental. Tommy Gavin (Dennis Leary) listens to Joyce B. and constant worrying about his drug-experimenting and vomiting drunk daughter and his equally vomit-spilling newborn son. Kenny can't deal with his sex-crazed girlfriend who happened to be a nun, Sean's new wife (Tommy's sister) is porn-crazed and Franco's girl-chasing days may be over with his girlfriend who happens to have a horny obscenity-spewing brother. Everyone is saying how the show is red hot, I have always liked the show but I feel this episode is pretty much same of the same. I wouldn't have it any other way, because when watching it, it really does feel like a family and that's alright with me. I just wish Sheila disappears.

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