Monday, June 26

Unknown Hotties of the Week 6/26 White Boy Round

White Boy Round
Nick Steele
Who has a real cool name and a website. He was guested in the eight season of Charmed as Whit, a guy who speed dated Paige and made her realize she wanted to be herself again. which always had hunks in their show. He even played Kevin Federline in Date Movie and Meet the Spartans. Ironically, he went on to star in a commercial with Britney Spears for her Fantasy perfume as 'the hunter.' He was even I Wanna Be a Soap Star on the Soap cable network. He's 26, 6 feet tall and born to an Australian father and American mother.

Matt Dallas
He is the star of Kyle XY, a new original homoerotic ABC Family series. He will be 24 in October and is two months younger than me. Born in Phoenix, Arizona and was in small roles just since last year. He narrates Kyle XY and barely talks outloud.

Penn Badgley
This 19 year old beauty who was in the short-lived WB series Do Over about a man who travels back in time to his High School days. He was recently in the other short-lived Bedford Diaries but thank god that ended. He has lots of projects in the works. As Jesse Matcalfe's brother in John Tucker Must Die. Also the TV series 3 lbs. (Three Pounds).

Shane Meier
He is a 29 year old Canadian actor that still looks young. He was in NBC's Matthew Shepard story.
I saw him in a movie called Silverwolf with the guy Michael Biehn from the first Terminator.
He was in one episode of Tru Calling but recently in Supernatural.