Thursday, September 14

Family Guy's Enemy List

Wikipedia article of criticism of Family Guy

Apparently Family Guy has many enemies including Clerks, South Park, the Simpsons, a little comic from 1991 called Jimmy Corigan, Mad Magazine, and the New Yorker.

I personally love The Simpsons and South Park and Family Guy and consider them seperate entities. South Park is so intelligent, creative, potient and hiralous in a dark way. It has evolved so much since the firs season and just gets better. The Simpsons, also is unbearable with the first season, but got better and is stale once again. But it's classic, it's gold. The eps I love just cheer me up, whcih I can't pinpoint them right now but you know which ones I'm talking about. As for Family Guy, I just like watching it. It is spot-on on cultural references and what people think about but sometimes some gags go so long.