Sunday, April 16

The Vault #2: BatGirl Supposedly Unaired Pilot

My favorite heronie of all time and no, its not Sailor Moon. I know she is a copy of a male counterpart and not original like Wonder Woman or Sailor Moon. A treatment pilot was made for Batgirl for the 60's series Batman and supposedly was unaired but did indeed aired for the first time on the FX Network back when it was starting out and only aired old Fox shows like Dyntasy, Wonder Woman, Green Hornet, Eight is Enough, etc. Check it out on You Tube at above link. In the pilot, the bad guy is Killer Moth, in the comics was originally a millionare, anti-Batman with his own car, cave, etc. He then was the first adversary for Batgirl in the comics. Her debut was at the same time with the series and comic. The original 'Bat-Girl' was Batwoman's neice Bette Kane a.k.a. Flamebird.