Monday, September 25

Unknown Hotties of the Week 9/25 Part 2

Cauã Reymond
Brazilian Actor/Model who's soap resume includes "Belíssima", "Como uma Onda" , "Da Cor do Pecado" and "Malhação".

He studied acting in New York before gaining his 2002 role in the series that started in 1995. He was the third brother of five Thor in the superior Da Cor do Pecado ('El Color de Pecado'/'The Color of Sin').

I am not so fond of his new facial hair look sported at a recent fashion show. He is belissimo himself.

Daniel Cross
23-year old Australian Rugby player for the Western Bulldogs.

He can really fill out a suit and coordinate with his date.

Matthew Pavlich
Plays for Freemantle Football club, also for Australia.

He's 24 and he has a nice thighs.

Not much of a backside though.

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