Wednesday, September 6

Disney Animated movies Post-Eisner

Many fans are upset at idiot Eisner for closing up the animation studios in Florida and selling their equipment, thankfully Pixar bought Disney and are planning to bring stuff back. Actually, all those crappy animated sequels (Bambi II, Cinderella 2, Hunchback 2...) were done in Australia and David Lasseter (director of Toy Story and Cars) thankfully canceled production on Aristocats 2, Dumbo 2, and Pinocchio 2. Thank god! Dumbo and Pinnocchio are two of my favorites. Unfortuantely they are going on with Cinderella 3 (What is left to tell??!!) and Tinker Bell (Which is starting up their Disney's 'Fairies' line).

Anyhoo, here are some films planned...

Which was originally planned as a regular animated feature and now is CGI and is being reworked, the plot is still not known but may harken its roots. For conceptual work, click here for the Wikipedia profile. I don't post them here if it might piss people off but I think they look pretty good. What I think is awesome that they have advanced in technology to use special pens instead of mouses to work on animation that is fluid and looks like past Disney films have the beginning of the era.

Meet The Robinsons
Based on the A Day with Wilbur Robinson which is about a genius boy who tries to bring out memories of his mother to find out why she left him for adoption. Here is the Wikipedia page. The film will include the popular theme song from the Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, entitled "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" which I recently heard three months ago and is stuck in my head still. This CGI film will follow Chicken Little.

American Dog
American Dog will follow in Rapunzel's suit and be fluid and using NPR technology. It is about a TV dog, a cat and a radioactive Rabbit.

Frog Princess
Will actually be the first animated film in America for Disney in a long time. The plot is still not known. What I think is hiralous is that from all the Disney Princess.... we have a Chinese girl (Mulan), a Native-American Princess (Pocahontas), a Middle-Eastern Princess (Jasmine from Aladdin), a French woman (Belle) but we still don't have an African-American heronie.