Sunday, September 24

Desperate Housewives Season 3 Premiere Review

Can you believe Season Three has begun?

Season Two got complaints were that the 'big secret' was slow moving and boring and the girls weren't together too much. This episode, not neccessarily an omen for the season but it suffers of more of the same. The gang meet together but seems forced. Six months have passed since what happened last and they love to mention it.

First off, Orson's (the mysterious guy who hit Mike Delfino in a car) backstory is touched upon about his wife mysterious dissappearance. It seems Bree is the focus for the season again. It just might seem that way. Orson and Bree get engaged. In a very funny and obvious but not so bad that you can't enjoy it, Bree has her first orgasam and thinks she is having a stroke. Midly interesting but the writers are all aware that they have pitted her with a psycho before and perhaps all this evidence that he might be evil is not so.

Susan mourns over Mike is in still hot in a coma! The hot Dougary Scott also has his love one, is wife, in a coma starts to get smitten with the oblivious Susan who is still clumsy as ever.
Gabriele has to deal with her chinese surrogate and she is doing all the work. She has to deal with the fact that after the baby is born, she has fight over rights with her husband. Linette must fight with the baby's momma of his hsuband in the usual family stuff. The 'other lady' is hiralous and much of a match.

Overall, more of the same, much drama and comedy but good use of its characters of Wisteria Lane to intermingle, they might have learn a bit from Arrested Development but they still suffer from everyone at the 'main event.'

Burning Questions:
Where is Bree's son and daughter? Her son was abandonned by her and daughter suffered loosing her boyfriend.

Why did Orson hit Mike?

Where is Zack (Mike's creppy son) in all of this?