Monday, August 14

Unknown Hotties of the Week 8/14

John Mulaney
23-year old comedian who is part of Comedy Central's I Love the 30's.

Why not? Well, according to his myspace profile.. he says to impress Jodi Foster, that's why. Well, sorry Johnny, she doesn't play for your team.

Joey Harrington
The new Miami Dolphin quarterback who CBS Sport reporters said he was cute in the pre-game show on Saturday. He is 27 and he played for the Detroit Lions for the past four years.

Jo on a building.

Jo benched.

It okay!

Julián Gil
This super hot model/actor was born Julián Elías Gil Beltrán. He broke the World record for most hours on air "live" on TV, in October 2004. He was on the air for 30 hours straight. With his body and face, I don't doubt it. Don't know what show though. The picture above I got thanks to Cisoto Fotos.

He manages his own restaurant Urdin in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was an episode in the Telemundo serial Decisiones.