Saturday, September 2

Summer Finales Score

May contain spoilers if you did not seen it.

4400 Season Three Finale
Well, without spilling too many beans... a lot of stuff happened but no definite ending ending. The whole thing with Isabel was defiantely resolved and she is a good character. Well not good morally but very interesting and Megan certainly showed she can be evil without being tacky. And so refreshing Diana's decision. Grade: B

Rescue Me Season Three Finale
With an uneven season, more funny than anything and very everywhere, lots of storylines were left up in the air and not resolved. The finale isn't grand at all. Treated as if any other episode. One storyline about the team breaking up is resolved but it leaves an empty feeling. Sure, life isn't wrapped up in a neat bow but you expect things you got started ended with resolutions. In the end, like every finale, everything went up in flames. Grade: C-

Kyle XY Season One Finale
A exciting and smart show from shock! ABC Family, which is usually known for crappy corny TV Movies, actually serves a formiable mystery. Before the ending, it definitely serves an allusion to "The Usual Suspects". And when Kyle is in the car with his 'parents', it is very chilling. When he says goodbye to the Trager family, it is so touching. And Declan's relationship with Kyle is just great, not homoerotic at all. He has a real connection with Amanda, his love interest, almost like they were meant for each other. It was very obvious the truth about Kyle but they have done it in such a great way. Not 'Lost' anyway. The show isn't for dumb dumbs either, I am not saying it was super obvious, they left it ambiousgly. And with the few new pieces we have been served, it can be very clear. I can't wait until the next season, which they are planning 13 episodes, date not set yet. If these first 10 were very entact, then I can't imagine the new ones. Oh.. and Kyle's real name? It ain't Noah.

Grade: A+