Sunday, September 24

Brothers & Sisters Family Tree

I had to look at this series, i know I may not be able to keep track of it since I have so many series I already watch. its abig family series and I got a big family. This is the Walker family, three brothers and two sisters. So who is quick who is who. Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

Sally Field
as the classic mom Nora.

Tom Skerritt
as deceased father William Walker who kept many a secret.

Calista Flockhart as Kitty,
who is a right-wing radio host and at odds with her mother. They fought over that Nora thinks Kitty sent her youngest brother to war because of her political views. Kitty herself lives in New York and was near the twin towers when they fell.

Racheal Griffiths (Six Feet Under) as Sarah
A mother with many kids and in therapy with her husband. She had an affair with her former co-worker friend. She now works in the business belonging to her maternal uncle and father. She seems the smartest. Kitty and Sarah are close.

John Pyper-Ferguson as Joe Whedon,
Sarah's husband

Balthazar Getty (Lord of the Flies, Charmed) as Thomas "Tommy"
who works with the family business as well.

Sarah Morris
as Julia, Thomas' wife who also works with them. She seems sweet.

Matthew Rhys
as gay son lawyer Kevin.

Dave Annable
as Justin, who is a veteran, went to Afghanistan and got into drugs and is trying rehab but still embarrassing the family. Very close to Kitty who encouraged him to go to war.

Ron Rifkin (Alias) as Uncle Saul, Nora' brother
who is nuts and creepy, maybe embezzling money for the business.

Patricia Wettig (Prision Break) plays Mystery woman Holly Harper and is part of the cast. She had an loving affair with father William. Wettig is also the wife of the creator.