Monday, September 4

Unknown Hotties of the Week 9/4--Stuntmen Edition

I just had to list hot stuntmen, well an excuse to show off ultrahottie David Leitch.

David Leitch
He was recently the assistant stunt coordinator for V for Vendetta, has been the stunt double for Brad Pitt in such movies as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Ocean's Eleven, Troy and Spy Game.

He has acted here and there in 'security guard' or 'convience store clerk' roles but also in two epsiodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (season 8) as a bully named Brian who gets possessed by demons.

This picture was taken for Sundance for the mockumentary Sledge: The Untold Story where he starred as Frank Sledge, table top dancer/martial arts action star. David knows lots of martial arts, was a trainer for Buffy in that field.

Clark Tucker
He has done stunts for Rodney Downey Jr. in the Shaggy Dog update and The Singing Dectective. Was stunt double Ian Somerhalder for Fearless (2004). He was the stunt coordinator for The Death of Batman (not to mention Robin in Batman Forever) and has done stunts for Angel, Charmed, Firefly and Buffy.

Don Ferguson
He has done stunts for Ultraviolet, Final Combat and Tom yum goong which is now being released in the US as "The Protector".