Sunday, September 17

Milo Ventimiglia replaces Sly's son in 'Rocky Balboa'

The new Rocky movie is coming this Winter Holiday and it is called Rocky Balboa, it has been 16 years since its last movie Rocky V and thirty years before the first one was released. The plot is that Rocky comes out of retirement when he sees a computer simulation betwen him and current champion Mason 'The Line' Dixon played by former lightweight thirty-eight year old champion Antonio Tarver.

Now, I ntoiced that Milo Ventimiglia (the revolting Jessie from Gilmore Girls) will be playing Rocky's son in the movie. It turns out, Sly's real son Sage Stallone (who was in Rocky V) turned down the chance to reprise the role of Rocky Jr. due to prior obligations with Grindhouse Releasing, a film corporation he started in 1996 at 20 years old. The Los Angeles based company, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of quality exploitation films. Funny enough, Milo is only a year younger than Sage.