Monday, September 11

CW: What will happen to Kids' WB! ?

Kids' WB will indeed survive the WB-UPN merger for CW, but the name is not too sure yet. Some sources has it as "The CW Presents Kids' WB!" with the slogan Too Big for Your TV. Yu-Gi-Oh! has moved on to 4Kids.TV, shows that are staying are Xiaolin Showdown, The Batman, Loonatics, Scooby-Doo and Johnny Test.

Affiliates that are becoming My Network and will still show Kids WB! won't show it for a couple of weeks.

This new schedule is suppose to start on September 23, 2006:
(Scobby and Shaggy explain it here.)

7:00: Krypto the Superdog
From Cartoon Network, it will be a full hour, porbably two episodes.

8:00: Monster Allergy
Based on the Italian comic and creators of W.I.T.C.H. New show.

8:30: Tom and Jerry Tales
New show. Tom & Jerry haven't had a new show in 13 years.

9:00: Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!
Brand-new show with new sort of animation and design.

9:30: Johnny Test
Second season.

10:00: Legion of Super-Heroes
New show based on the comics.

10:30: The Batman
Third season.

11:00: Xiaolin Showdown
Fourth Season

11:30: Loonatics Unleashed
Ugh.. Second season.

Yes! No Pokémon, it now is on the Cartoon Network. But I am sad that there is no sign of Viewtiful Joe. It's future in the U.S. is unknown. For some reason, Spider Riders is still mentioned on the Kids WB official site, only 11 eps have aired last season. More info about the Kids WB! here.