Monday, September 18

Unknown Hotties of the Week 9/18

This week I decided to have guys whose names end with 'y'. Nah, it was a consciedence.

Scotty Cranmer
X-Game BMX cyclist. Many, even me, got his last name wrong, the 'n' is before the 'm'. He is from Jackson, New Jersey.

He's 19 and has been participating in the X Games since 1996. Nicknamed 'the Bulldozer'.

Nicky Hayden
Twenty-five year old motorcycle racer known as the 'Kentucky Kid.'

He has two brothers who are pro racer as well and no, I don't know why there are dollar bills in his pants in the photo above.

Robby Ginepri
Twenty-three year old Tennis player was is two months younger than me exactly because he was born in October 7th, mine is August 7th. He was even born in Fort Lauderdale, which is just a couple of miles (27 to be exact) from me. But I am not in a rush to meet him. Just found interesting.

To be honest, I find Nicky and Scotty more attractive than this guy but I put him here because of the 'y'. LOL.