Saturday, September 30

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/2

Dustin Milligan
He plays the angsty son in CW's Runaway. He is from Canada and is 21.

Josh Willingham
Florida Marlin. 27 year old. Nickname is the Hammer.

Yes I know the Marlins are off the Wildcard and are loosing.

Robert Buckley
He currently is in My Network's Fashion House (where he plays Michael Bauer) , was in the movie When a Killer Calls and will be the straight-to-DVD Robot Battle.

Adam Zolotin
Was in Zerophila along with Taylor Handley. He's 23. Nephew of former baseball player Lee Mazzilli. One of the first movies he was Robin William's Jack.

Jilon Ghai
Very little information on this cutie, he has been in a lot of horror films like Alien Abduction (2005), Boo, Death by Engaement, Eternal Bliss and Bad Blood.

Him in Icemaker as Icemaker.

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