Monday, September 4

Looking Forward to the new Fall Schedule

As a child I was always exicted to hear the new Fall Schedule, there were always shows I liked that quickly got canceled: Chris Elliot's "Get a Life" and that one that was set after the apocloypse and only a handful of people were left on Earth---both on FOX. Still happening, shows I loved get canceled from FOX: Wonderfalls and Arrested Development. Shows I have been excited about the past few seasons were 24, Medium, and Lost. This season not much shows look interesting but two do... 30 Rock (a comedy about behind-the-scenes of a sketch comedy show), Tina Fey's brainchild with SNL alum Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin. Also, similar premise Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with a great cast including Matthew Perry, Wings' Steven Weber, West Wing's Bradley Whitford, The Whole Nine Yard's Amanda Peet, and The Daily Show's Nathan Codry.