Wednesday, September 20

Nip/Tuck Season 4 so far--Closeted Boss

Spoiler Warning!

Just saw the third episode of the fourth season.

Sanaa McCoy Lathan (Love + Basketball, Something New) plays Michelle, Christian and Sean's new boss. She and her husband (played by I Dream of Jeanie's Larry Hagman in episode 1) bought the business and she harbors a secret. At the end of episode 2, Resident lesbian Liz catches Michelle making out with an older white woman and fondeling her breast. Liz calmly confronted her about what she saw and offered to help (also giving a 'who are kidding?' attitude) and then Michelle went out to the operation room to fire her. Liz got pissed ofcourse. Sean definded her of course but Michelle put her probation. Liz made a great case about her being a closet case and pushing it on her. Well, I think there is more to her to just being a closet case, she seemed not to really be into it. Awesome show!

Also awesome on the show is the parrellels between the two night nurses they interview. The first is a girl with image problems who call their unborn child 'handicapable', when they say that to the Station Agent's Peter Dinklage says thats the worst thing to call a child. Also, the girl Monica was for surgery while Peter's character incouraged Julia to look into the child's eyes and getting to know him--Connor, he is also born in the episode.

That's all for now!

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