Sunday, September 3

John Viener: Family Guy Writer on Arrested Development

Last year on the last and third season of Arrested Development, there was a hot 'agent' in the epsiode "MR. F". Now that the season is out on DVD I was able to capture some pictures.

His name is John Viener and he doesn't act much, he is actually a stand-up comedian/director/writer. He writes for Family Guy and does some voices for the show.

He has a great body. On my blog I like showing off handsome comedians, half the comedians out there today aren't fat slobs like in the 80's. (Ben Stiller, Dane Cook, Owen Wilson, etc.)

The agent Frank he played was a CIA agent trying to get Tobias Funke (the highly unappealing David Cross), Lindsey's oblivious husband, to be a mole and get info on the Bluth family and he thought he was a talent agent that wanted him to dress as the animal mole which led to hirality.

Well here is John Viener Shirtless:

Tobias popping his nose.