Friday, September 15

More Arrested Development Lads

As you may noticed I just got Arrested Development Season 3 on DVD, in fact I have all seasons on DVD. Here are two hunks from the episode 'Fakin' it'.

John Fremont
He played Brian who wanted to pull the plug on his suffering mother or somebody, anyway Lidnsey (Ellen's current Squeeze Portia De Rossi) was immediately attracted to him and helped picket for them to remove the feeding tube.

He played Colin on a couple episodes of Passions, two episodes of What I Like About You, General Hospital and a short comedy called Another Part of Town.

Ron Mathews
He played Father Ben who Tobias (Lindsey's closet case husband) met at a gym and came to the hospital to picket to save Buster and also picket for Priests to marry...

Except when a fake priest was busy, he filled in and got cousins George Michael and Maeby married for real.

He has acted in a couple parts in the movie Daredevil as a guard and as an ambulance-chaser son of a drag queen in the spoof Girls will be Girls and was in the bisexual movie Straight-Jacket.

He is also a personal trainer, his personal website you can access by clicking here.

He was also in the VH1 reality show From Flab to Fab as ofcourse a personal trainer.

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