Monday, May 29

Unknown Hotties of the Week 5/29

Unknown Hotties of the Week is a selection of mostly three virtually unknown or not yet popular actors, dancers, models, etc. Some can have some attention but the key is that they are not widely known. Now, what considers them a hottie? Well, if they catch my attention. I try to open in people of different diversities but sometimes, you just go easy and go white.

This is Aaron Ruell, believe it or not he played Kip, Napeoleon's older more unattractive brother on Napoleon Dynamite. He hasn't done much films--he has directed and written three indepedent films. He surprisingly did a guest voice on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Rafael Rosell: Philippinian model/actor
More like him here

Brian Tee
Actor who has made appearences on Zoey 101, Monk, Passions, JAG and even the 'Family' episode (the ep where not-yet-Oscar nominated Amy Adams guested as well) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an intern. He will be in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift where there is many Asian-american actors and grownup former Nickelodeon actors.

This week I am adding more:
Marcell Jansen
A German rugby footballer. Yes, he is generic blonde haired and blue eyed but he makes it look so exotic.
He of course has nice thighs.

He won an 'American Idol' like competetion. He is so hot, he recently hosted Reventon on Mun2. He doesn't seem to speak English. He has a wonderful voice and has big ears.