Thursday, September 7

My Two Dad's Marcy's cute gay boyfriend

Remember My Two Dads? If not get out of here. Anywhoo, it starred Paul Reiser (Mad About You) and Greg Evigan (B.J. and the Bear) as the legal guardians of Staci Keanan (Step by Step) because one of them might be her father and they both fought for her mother, who passed away. Anyway, two guys always fought for her affection too--one being Giovanni Ribisi (Cold Mountain, Lost in Translation, The Other Sister, etc.) and the other Chad Allen.

This is Chad Allen Lazzari, he is now 32. He was born a faternal twin, his sister wasn't as interest in acting as much as him. He says he likes theater more, he was a child actor in such shows as Webster, The Wonder Years, Star Trek: TNG, and Highway to Heaven... After having anormal life in High school, he got to be on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman as Matthew Cooper for six years.

He does charity events, he is super buff. The guy at the right is his trainer.

He came out in 2001. Just like the blonde kid on Growing Pains, I had a crush on him on My Two Dads as well.

He has gone to play a gay dectective in a TV Movie. Chad, gimme a call.