Thursday, March 22

Point/Counterpoint: Disney's Frog Princess

I have complained before that even though all the Disney Princesses or heroines are seemingly multi-cultural (Pocahontas is Native-American, Jasmine is Arabian, Mulan is Chinese, Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Norte Dame is a Gypsy, and Belle is French--technically), there are no African-American leading women. The only African female character was Nala, the lion. Now Disney announced that Maddy of The Frog Princess (2009) will be the first African-American 'Disney Princess'. And the movie will incorporate jazz music, ooh Disney, congrats for being so to politically correct. How did that meeting go? We don't want to put Rap because that will be too obvious so what is the next step? Jazz! And it is set in NEW ORLEANS... what the ***k? Besides the sarcasm, I think it is about time they have an African-American Princess but dude, it is way late.

David Spade ("The Showbiz Show") doesn't see it that positive either. In a joke he said that now little African-American girls can be subjected to the low esteem issues as white girls have experienced since Snow White. Fine, you win this one Spade.