Sunday, November 19

What Cool World meant to be

Remember Cool World (1992) that everyone compared to Who Framed Roger Rabbit (question mark not part of the title but this sentence)? Having being released three years later, it was still compared to it but unfortunately it was nowhere close. When it came out, I was ten and did think it would be like Who, (I was intrigued about the idea of about a cartoon becoming a real woman) thankfully my parents didn't let me see it. I saw it later when on VHS and was dissapointed by it. Brad Pitt gave such a dry performance. I did like some elements. This was another movie done by Ralph Bakshi, mentioned in the last post about Coonskin. Happens to be that the studio changed it a lot and he had to go with the script because he was already committed. He had a completely different idea.

Here are storyboards of the original script. What Bakshi intended was an animated horror film with Drew Berrymore in the Kim Bassinger role that was originally called Debbie Dallas going to be bed with a cartoonist and having a bastardized mixed child. The child was going to kill the irresponsible father in the real world. "They bought the idea in ten seconds! I told my wife, 'You don't understand this – they finally bought the first animated horror film. We're going to go through the roof again... I'm going to do the greatest movie in the world.' I felt it. The first animated horror film, sex, violence – everything I love! Little did I know."

Pitt was suppose to be the animator Jack Deebs but was cast as Detective Harris instead. He did end up in the cartoon world in the final picture but at the end. Also, Bakashi didn't have high expectations about Gabriel Byrne who basically brought the movie down. The VHS version I saw came with a disclaimer with some lame digression about unprotected sex. Another similar movie that has the same polarizing feeling this movie gives off is Monkey Bone, which the beginning is depressing and the end gives a completely different feeling.

More here in Wikipedia.