Saturday, March 31

Entertainment Weekly's Harry Potter quiz

I just got the April 6th issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine and took a 50 question or so (there are bonus questions) quiz on Harry Potter. I managed to answer like 39. I'm a moderate Potterphile (not hardcore hardcore but enough to name all the Weasley children), I have read Books 3-6 and just finished the six and have the seventh pre-ordered. There is a 547 % increase in first-day pre-orders on for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows compared to Half-Blood Prince. Not to spoil too much of the quiz, one answer I got wrong was the ingredient needed for the Draught of Living Death and I put Wolfsbane, which fans can tell you is wrong. I got the school crests right, where Harry first kissed Cho Chang right and I knew what numbers were used by Arthur Weasley at the London telephone box for access to the Ministry of Magic. Some of the questions were super hard and there were easy one like what platform does Harry take to go to Hogwarts and to put the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors in chronological order. The reason I have Ginny above is because she is one of my favorite characters, for sort of obvious reasons fans would know.